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UKULELE straps also for banjo, mandolin ...  

Traumakzente 💚 Leder Accessoires
ukulele strap

Handmade - from leather / fabric combinations with

Brandings - pearls - applications


Soft inside and "non-slip" thanks to velvety velor fabrics

Outside - individual and unique :-)

Ukulelen Gurte 💚 - Ukulelel Straps
Ukulelengurte 💚 handgemacht, Ukulelegurt handgemacht
handgemachte 💚Ukulelengurte
Ukulele Strap 💚 Ukulelen Gurte
Ukulelengurte 💚
Handgemachte 💚Ukulelengurte
Ukulele Straps 💚 Ukulele Gurt
Exklusive 💚 Ukulelen Gurte, Ukulele Straps
Ukulelengurt 💚handgemacht aus Leder
Banjo Straps 💚 Mandolinen Straps
Ukulele Strap 💚 Ukulele Gurte
Ukulele Straps 💚 Ukulele Strap, Ukulele Gurt

Nothing suitable here? 

Are you looking for a specific color or a guitar strap?

Anything is possible - just ask....

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    Ukulele Gurt 💚, Ukulelengurte, Ukulelen Gurt kaufen, Ukulele Strap, Ukulelegurt
    Ukulele Gurt 💚 kaufen, Ukulelegurt, Ukulelen Gurte, Ukulelengurte, Ukulele Strap, Ukulele Straps
    Ukulele Gurt 💚 kaufen, Ukulelegurt handgemachte Ukulelengurte, Ukulele Strap handmade, Ukulelen Gurt, Ukulelengurt, Ukulele
    Ukulele Gurt 💚 kaufen, Ukulelegurt, Ukulelengurte, Ukulelen Gurte, Ukulele Straps, Ukulele Strap, Banjo Gurt, Mandolinen Gurt
    Ukulele Gurt 💚kaufen, Ukulelegurt, Ukulelen Gurt kaufen,, Ukulelengurte, Ukulele Gurt, Ukulele Strap, Ukulele Straps kaufen, Banjo Gurt
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