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Ukulele Gurt, Ukulele Strap, Ukulelengurte handgemacht, Ukulelen Gurte, Leder Ukulele Strap

Ukulele strap GORDO

Soft, supple ukulele strap  made of black cowhide with an embossed flower pattern.

Underlaid with a soft, patterned velor fabric with a velvety surface.

We made the ends from the same leather.

Metal parts: silver-colored


The strap is 4 cm wide and can go from 127  cm to 74  cm  Length can be adjusted.


When ordering, please specify the hole diameter 8/9/10 mm as well as the  Note whether perforated with or without a slot  shall be.

The "standard perforation" for  Strap adapter is 8 mm with a slot.

For use with a strap lock, the perforation is, for example, 9mm, but without a slot.


Price incl. VAT, plus shipping


The ukulele is not included :-))

Fabric: 100% polyester


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