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Measure correctly

Windhundhalsband, Galgo Halsband, Whippet Halsband, Windspile Halsband, Greyhound

The easiest:

You measure an existing collar as described above - then you can use the dimensions given for the respective collars.

Please note - the wider the "new" collar, the more leeway

you should plan for the top.

Measure the dog:

In the area of the red and blue lines (see picture below), measure the circumference of the neck tightly. Add 2 cm to the narrower girth.

The dimension calculated in this way should fit within the specified sizes of the collars for sale.


Measure tightly in the area of ​​the yellow line and add 1.50 cm.

Windhundhalsband 💚 Windhundhalsbänder, Galgo-Halsbänder, Whippethalsbänder, Greyhoundhalsbänder
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