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Closure types

Windhundhalsbänder, Galgo-Halsbänder, Whippet-Halsbänder, Greyhound-Halsbänder

Our buckle collars are

mostly with

Metal buckles and rings

made of solid brass or stainless steel.

Basically all fittings (rivets, buckles, rings) are rust-free.

Please also note the descriptions of the individual models.

Windhundhalsbänder, Galgo-Halsband, Whippet-Halsband, Greyhound-Halsband

We use a stable, solid stainless steel click fastener for our jewelry and bracelets.

Windhundhalsbänder, Galgo-Halsbände, Whippet-Halsbände, Greyhound-Halsbänder, Podenco

The Brummel hook originally comes from seafaring and consists of two chain links

are each slit on the side.

The two edges on the slots are chamfered at the top and bottom. Therefore, the two parts of the Brummel hook can only be pushed into one another at a certain angle. Since the actual slot is very narrow compared to the hook, the hook cannot accidentally separate.

Galgo-Halsband, Whippet-Halsband, Greyhound-Halsband

Pull Stop Collars

Please note that these ribbons cannot be changed!

Production only on customer request!

No returns - no exchanges

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