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Barbara Zilligen, Galgo-Halsband, Whippet-Halsband, Podenco-Halsband
Windhundhalsbänder, Windhundhalsband, Galgo, Whippet, Greyhound
Traumakzente - Barbara Zilligen

About me and how it all came about ...

My mother was a trained men's tailor and so I started making many of my clothes myself at the age of 12. At first on an old Singer sewing machine with foot drive.

As a teenager, I was already making convertible tops and tarpaulins for boats in my parents' company, under the guidance of my father.

After completing a commercial apprenticeship, the desire for more creativity grew and so a fashion design degree followed, which also included training in cutting and sewing technology.

Thanks to the combination of a commercial and creative profession, many doors were open to me.

For example, I worked as a stylist on international photo trips for a few years, and later ran a small clothing store for a few years.

In addition to the office work in my husband's company, today my heart beats mainly for greyhounds and this is how this small online shop was created - in which I invest a lot of my heart ...

I am very fortunate to have a man by my side who shares my passion for dogs and all other animals with me.

Got the dog ...

A beagle came into my life in my late twenties and a few years later I found out about animal welfare more by chance during an internet research.

I contacted us directly to offer help and so the first foster dog moved in with us in 2002. This one was followed by many, many more. Some stayed, many found other great families.

To this day we step in when the dog is in need, take care dogs and have adapted our lives to the needs of our dogs.

Here it is above all the fate of the GREYHOUND that particularly touches us. On the one hand that of the Spanish galgos but also that of the Irish greyhounds ...

In the meantime we have a secure free run where our own dogs, foster dogs and the long and short noses of family, friends and acquaintances meet regularly. With this gallery we would like to give you a little insight into our everyday life ...

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