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Dinner bowls / dog bowls

Futterständer - Dinnernäpfe
Futterständer - Dinnernapf
Futterständer für Windhunde
Dinnernäpfe für Windhunde
Futterständer - Dinnernnäpfe
Futterständer für Hunde
erhöhter Fressplatz - Futterständer
Windhund- Dinnernäpfe
Futterständer für Windhunde
Futterständer - Dinnernäpfe

In time-consuming manual work, we have made each individual bowl with great attention to detail.

The result is small works of art - UNIQUE!

Our sturdy dinner bowls are 30 high and because of their filling they have

a weight of approx. 4-5 kg.

The sturdy handles on the sides allow easy "handling" despite the weight.

A commercially available, removable stainless steel bowl is included in the price and, if necessary, you can easily find a replacement (supplement) in pet shops.

A higher feeding area not only makes it easier for old and sick dogs to take in food / water. In our experience, it also helps the "lurching" calmer, for example

to eat without choking or "breathing" ....

A dinner bowl for a dog's life - indestructible!

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