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Dog butler

- the cloakroom not just for the dog

Windhundshop 💚 Galgo-Halsband, Whippet Halsband, Windspiel Halsband
Galgo Halsband 💚 Whippet Halsband, Windhundshop, Greyhound
Windhundshop 💚 Galgo Halsbänder, Whippet-Halsbänder, Greyhound Halsband
Galgo Shop, Whippet Shop, Greyhound Shop, Windspiel Shop

Practical and extraordinary wardrobe not only for dog accessories.

Stable and narrow - fits in every hallway.

Unusual DECO for the house or garden!
Windhundhalsband 💚 Dog Butler, Totem, Galgo, Greyhound
Windhundhalsbänder 💚 Dog Butler, Azawakh, Galgo,

A totem pole is a monumental sculpture made from a large tree trunk

is carved and then painted.

Totem poles were particularly widespread among the Indians on the American northwest coast.

Contrary to what the first missionaries in British Columbia assumed,

totem poles have no religious significance. They were neither sacred nor worshiped, but had a social and political function.

Totem poles are now considered symbols of the identity of the indigenous peoples of North America and are

coveted again as works of art. Source: Wikipedia

The totem poles we use are originals from Little Big Horn

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