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Collar (art) works

Kilim - collars / collars

Traumakzente WindhundhalsbÀnder

The weaving of kilims goes back to a centuries-old and pre-Islamic tradition.

Nomads have woven their tent hangings, floor coverings and blankets on looms.

The patterns and motifs are images from the natural environment

(e.g. animals or plants) or reflect emotions.

Women from the various nomadic tribes have produced their own variants over generations and passed them on from mother to daughter.

The patterns of traditional kilims have been incorporated into today's, mostly machine-made production.

Antique kilims that are over 100 years old are particularly attractive collector's items on the global art market. (Source: Wikipedia)

Persian kilim tape tent tape

Kelim ribbons are artistically woven and sometimes also knotted ribbons:
The nomads live in collapsible, easy-to-transport living tents. With a diameter of 8 to 10 m, a cane or wooden roundabout consisting of several individual parts is set up and covered with reed, grass or felt mats. Tent straps are used to connect these individual parts.
Secondly, the tent straps also serve to embellish the tent.

Since the tent straps are mainly made for personal use, they are often very original and lovingly made.

These are always unique items and never mass-produced.

The ribbons are braided from 100% wool and antique pieces are coveted collector's items.

WindhundhalsbĂ€nder 💚mit Flechtarbeiten

Leather collars with braiding of all kinds.

- with leather straps or straps

- with woven ribbons or borders

- made of cowhide or bola ribbons

Whether conspicuous in the middle, possibly combined with pearls or in the edge area as an additional accent.

You will find wickerwork on our collars in all conceivable shapes, colors, structures and combinations ...

WindhundhalsbĂ€nder 💚 Windhundhalsband, Fellhalsband, FellhalsbĂ€nder
Windhundhalsband 💚 Indianer Halsband, IndianerhalsbĂ€nder
Greyhoundhalsband 💚 GreyhoundhalsbĂ€nder
Whippethalsband 💚 WhippethalsbĂ€nder

With brandings - pyrography / brand stamping - we have been working for many years to give our collars the finishing touch here and there ...

Mystic Stone Necklaces

WindhundhalsbĂ€nder 💚

Greyhound collars made with rocks - such as healing stones, gemstones or fossils.

Every stone is different in its color, shape,

Pattern and charisma.

Many stones bring positive vibrations with them,

those without

develop their effect in direct skin contact.

This wide, oval collar shape can be worn by many greyhound breeds without any problems because the wide area of ​​the collar (where the stone is located) is very small.

Our collars drop very steeply to a narrower dimension on the sides (2-3 cm), which means that the bands can be worn comfortably despite their width.

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