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Windhundgeschirre, Galgo-Halsbänder, Whippet-Halsbänder, Greyhound-Halsbänder
Ausbruchsicheres Windhundgeschirr
Windhundgeschirre, Windhundgeschirr
Windhundhgeschirr ausbruchsicher und anschmiegsam
Windhundgeschirre, Windhundgeschirr, ausbruchsichere Windhundgeschirre

An essential feature of safe'n cozy - the dimensional stability -

we achieve through our complex processing methods.

This prevents contraction or extreme sideways warping of the harness.
The form stability of safe'n cozy (despite the use of soft, supple materials)

is the basis for the positive properties and safety of safe'n cozy dishes.

Features: Your dog's larynx and cervical spine are relieved.

The combination of neck ring and wide chest straps in connection with the comfortable bar between the forelegs gently fixes your dog without constricting it or impairing breathing.

Safety: The front D-ring offers due to its position above the shoulder blades

(so to speak on the "front axle") perfect handling of the dog and

offers both dog and handler a safe feeling.

The rear D-ring is particularly suitable for running more freely in the terrain,

for example on a towline.

The special form of safe'n cozy conveys particularly insecure and anxious dogs

a good "body feeling".

PRO - with an additional waist band for even more security.

Windhundgeschirre, Galgo-Halsband, Whippet-Halsbänder, Podenco-Halsbänder
Sizes / sizes
No customization!
Large greyhounds like galgo, podenco, greyhound, etc.
Smaller greyhounds like Whippet ...

G-XS / 17-19 kg / 64-68 cm chest

GS / 20-23 kg / 68-72 cm chest

GM / 24-27 kg / 72-77 cm chest

GL / 28-30 kg / 78-82 cm chest

G-XL / 31-35 kg / 83-87 cm chest

KS / 10-12 kg / 54-58 cm chest

KM / 13-15 kg / 59-64 cm chest

KL / 16-17 kg / 62-66 cm chest

K-XL / 18-19 kg / 65-69 cm chest

Unfortunately there are no greyhound harnesses in stock at the moment.

Unfortunately, there are no sighthound harnesses available at the moment.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

We don’t have any products to show right now.

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