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Traumakzente 💚 Leder Accessoires

Sighthound collars

Also suitable for many other dog breeds ...

Traumakzente💚, Galgo-Halsbänder, Whippet-Halsbänder
Galgo-Halsbänder💚 Whippet Halsbänder
Azawakh Halsband
Azawakh Halsband
Tahulet ed Tarha Alva
Ukulelengurte 💚
Whippet Halsband BASIC
Azawakh Halsband
Greyhoundhalsband mit Perlen
Whippet Halsband SILVER
Ukulelen Gurte
Silken Windsprite Halsband
Windhundhalbänder, Greyhoundhalsbänd
Barsoi Halsbänder
Windhundhalsband Malou
Greyhoundhalsband, Greyhound
Phone Bags
Windhundhalsbänder, Podencohalsband
Podenco Halsbänder, Windhundhalsband
Windhundhalsbänder, Galgohalsbänder
Dinnernapf für Windhunde
Galgo Schmuckhalsband
Whippet Halsband
Windhundhalsband, Galgo-Halsband
Greyhound Halsband
Silken Windsprite-Halsband
Windhundhalsband Azawakh
Windhundhalsbänder, Podencohalsband
Fellhalsband, Fellhalsbänder
Galgo-Halsbänder, Whippet-Halsbänder

Traumakzente manufactures greyhound collars - fur collars - UNIKAT collars

Suitable for greyhounds but also many other dog breeds.

Let yourself be seduced by our collar models and maybe you will find an individual greyhound collar for yours in our shop

Galgo - Whippet - Greyhound - Sloughi - Saluki - Podenco - Borzoi - Azawakh & Co ....

Due to our extensive "fund" - unique one-offs are created time and again.

Under MANUFACTUR you will find more information about our work and the materials used .

Our designs are protected in their design!

Sloughihalsband 💚, Windhundhalsbänder, Galgohalsbänder, Whippethalsbänder

Barbara Zilligen

Dream accents - Euskirchen

Tel: 0175-7170170 or 02255-958854

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written consent not permitted!

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