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Windhundhalsbänder mit Kelims und Perlen gefertigt, passend für Galgo oder Podenco oder Azawakh oder Sloughi

Greyhound collar Kelim SILVER ORNAMENT - 7 cm wide in the middle

Olive brown, buttery soft cowhide - combined with a dark gray upper leather and a wool kilim.

The buckle fastener was made from a light brown, almost 2 cm wide leather strap with an ornamental structure and supplemented with a buckle made of solid stainless steel.

A large ornament was worked up in the middle and supplemented with smaller beads on the side.

A saffron-colored leather strap with metal pearls was incorporated in the edge area.

The scope of delivery includes an address tag, the ring used here is made of stainless steel.

Neck circumference / size: 32-40 cm

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