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Greyhoundhalsband, Greyhoundhalsbänder, Barsoihalsband, Windhundhalsband, Windhundhalsbänder

Greyhound collar CRYTAN 7 cm wide

Mocha-colored, butter-soft buffalo leather - combined with a petrol-colored upper leather, complemented with a suede with an ornament look.

We have braided the decorative leather with a large number of metal beads and in the middle there is a large ornament with a snake symbol. According to Germanic mythology, this stands for the power that envelops the earth - a power symbol.

For the closure with a stainless steel buckle, we have incorporated a petrol-colored leather strap with a width of 1.75 cm throughout.

The ring and screw rivets are all made of stainless steel.

We treated the suede with a permanent impregnation.

A matching address label is included in the scope of delivery.

Size: 41-50 cm
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