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Galgo-Halsband, Galgohalsband, Whippethalsband, IW-Halsband, Windhundhalsbänder, Irish Wolfhound

Greyhound collars Brown Antik 6/5 cm wide

Greyhound collars made of mud-colored  Aniline leather -  supplemented with  dark brown   Embossed leather in antique optics and  with a floral pattern.

An engraved bamboo bead adorns the center of the collars. Laterally supplemented by further horn / bone and metal beads.


We used embossed, dark brown leather straps for the closure with a stainless steel buckle. These have a width of 1.70 cm.

A matching address label is included.


There are different sizes to choose from.

Model 24-30 cm and 26-32 cm are 5 cm wide.

All other collars are 6 cm wide.
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