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Thors-Hammer Amulett, Tribal-Ketten, Mittelalter Amulett, Edelstahlketten, Schutz Amulette, orientalische Ketten

long chains with bola straps

Model 1 : The center is a replica of a Viking Age rock crystal pendant (bronze, silver-plated) in the form of a ball, which was made on Gotland / Sweden at the end of the Viking Age in the middle of the 11th century. The original of this ball pendant from the Viking era was found in Domerarve / Öja on the island of Gotland and is now owned by Statens Historiska Museet, Stockholm. Here, however, instead of the rock crystal, glass was used, which makes the pendant affordable ...

Combined with a super light chain made of black / white bola tape (6mm) and a stainless steel click fastener.

Worn length approx: 51 cm

Model 2: The elaborately crafted Thor's hammer pendant made of zamak is also called the Schonenhammer after its place of discovery. We have combined this massive pendant with a super light chain made of a black / white bola band with a diameter of 6 mm (stainless steel click fastener).

The Thor's hammer Kabbarp   is based on the original Viking find of a Thor's hammer pendant from Sweden and is a very successful interpretation of the historical original Schonenhammer. Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.5 cm.

Worn length approx: 45 cm

Model 3: The focus here is a large lunula amulet that we have combined with various other beads made of metal and bone. This Slavic lunula amulet is a slightly reduced replica of a large moon pendant, made from an original find by the Kiever Rus. The lunula pendant is of Slavic origin and spread throughout the Baltic Sea region in the course of the 10th century. Moon-shaped amulets were common as jewelry among the Slavs, Rus and the Eastern Vikings. The lunula amulet was primarily used as a magical protection for girls and women. The dimensions of the lunula amulet are 4.5 x 3.5 cm.

Worn length approx: 57 cm SOLD

This Viking jewelry is a real eye-catcher and is looking for one of its kind in such a form.

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