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Tribal-Ketten, Mittelalter Amulett, Edelstahlketten, orientalische Ketten, Halbmond Ketten

Short trio

Model 1: A detailed replica of a miniature ax from the end of the Viking Age based on a historical original, dated to the 11th century, made of silver-plated bronze - combined with a 2mm thick stainless steel chain. The so-called ax of Perun was worn as an amulet during the time of the Vikings, especially among the Western Slavs and the Rus. The circular eye decorations and zigzag lines are interpreted as symbols for sun and lightning. The amulet has the dimensions of 4 x 3.50 cm.

Worn length approx .: 14 cm

Model 2 : Mask amulet (silver-plated bronze) from the Viking Age with a bearded face that is interpreted as Odin. Located in Fölhagen near the Roma monastery on Gotland, a copper vessel was found in 1866 - it contained the so-called Fölhagen treasure. Among other things, there were 13 face-shaped pendants. Dimensions of Gotland's mask amulet: 4 x 2.2 cm.

Supplemented with a stainless steel chain and a jewelery interchangeable carabiner, also made of stainless steel.

Worn length approx .: 20 cm

Model 3 : Lunula amulet replica of a Slavic moon pendant made of zamak - combined with a stainless steel chain. This delicate lunula or lunitsa amulet is an enlarged replica of a so-called moon pendant based on an original find from the 11th century.
These moon pendants were particularly popular with the Vikings and were used primarily as protective amulets for girls and women.
Dimensions   Lunula amulet: 3 x 4 cm.

Worn length approx .: 17 cm

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