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Tribal-Ketten, Mittelalter Amulett, Edelstahlketten, Schutz Amulette, orientalische Ketten

Amulet DUO Bola

Model 1: The large and magnificent, relief-like amulet made of zamak, with the expressively crafted Midgard snake, is inspired by the art style of the Scandinavian Vikings between 800 and 1100.
The dimensions of the massive Midgard amulet are 6.5 x 3 cm.

We combined the massive amulet with a feather-light bola chain in black and white.

worn length approx .: 40 cm

Model 2 : This early medieval pendant with a snake depiction in the form of a swastika is modeled on an Alemannic decorative disc from the Merovingian period. Ornamental disks with depictions of snakes were widespread among the Alemanni as jewelry during the early Middle Ages from 500 to 700 and in the Merovingian period as an integral part of the Alemanni women's costume. The Alemannic decorative disk is made of high-quality silver-plated bronze and, like the original, has a central bronze part. Diameter of the Alemannic decorative disk: 4.8 cm.

Combined with a light bola chain with a stainless steel fastener.

Worn length approx .: 44 cm

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